A fine portrait of our Grand and Glorious Leader looking pensively off to the left
Our Glorious Leader!

All Hail Deckhard Aura!


In the beginning there was chaos, the galaxy was at war as it usually is, when a child was born. He was born on a starship too a family of refugees fleeing the invading Minmater forces. During his birth his mother suffered complications and as his father the famous Capsuleer SirMolle was off fighting in the brutal Great War against the independent Null-Sec nation of GoonSwarm, Deckhard was placed in the care of the Captain of the transport vessel. Raised under the Captain, Deckhard grew and learned the intricacies of intersteller travel and the politics of galaxy. When the Captain was old and frail he called Deckhard to his cabin and as he lay there weakly he told Deckhard the truth of his birth and that he was the son of the great SirMolle who by this time had been defeated and executed by the Goonswarm Leadership.

Upon Learning this shocking information Deckhard made the decision to leave the transporter, not out of anger or malice, but to seek his true place in the galaxy as a capsuleer he claimed his rightful status and through a long and arduous string of events he carved out his empire piece by piece, collecting wealth and knowledge along the way until he founded our glorious Corporate Empire The Cwn Annwn.

Founding our Empire in a small region of space near Nakri Deckhard and his followers lived a nomadic life raiding neighbouring and rival Corporations in the Gallente low-sec Regions, eventually moving to the null-sec region of Fountain to claim our own territory.

A full depiction of our wonderfully striking 
                    leader dressed for battle  and ready to defend our glorious empire from invading forces
Our Glorious Leader ready for battle.